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DNA testing is the process in which information concerning the genealogy of an individual can be acquired, specifically the paternity test. Though hectic, there are a number of purposes that this very testing could be extremely helpful in including matters such as the official custody of the child or dealing with inheritance related disputes.

With state of the art machinery for conducting DNA testing, Onpoint Lab ensures a speedy and proficient service for its patients while also allowing them to establish online contact with them.

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We, at Onpoint offer DNA testing through diverse ways, including the following:

  • • Blood Samples
  • • Buccal Swab (Has proven to be the most accurate method)
  • • Tissues are hauled out from toothbrushes and razors being used by both the parties
  • • Saliva or other liquids such as semen.


A urine drug screen (UDS) is used to expose the illegal and some prescription drugs in the urine fan individual and has certainly become one of the most widely used method for the past years. Not only is it used by the police for alcohol level testing in the blood of drivers but also by various organizations to test the lifestyle of their employees. It has also been used in the sports industry previously so as to keep a check on the players regarding the level of steroids and drugs in their blood since the same are likely to reflect a boost in their performance through artificial ways.

OnPoint Lab endows hassle free and cost effective methods to carry out the Urine and Drug Screening test for you, such as:

  • • Urine Samples
  • • Through other kind of fluids such as blood, saliva and even sweat.

The findings can then utilized for the resolution of the above mentioned issues by providing the negative results maximum by 24 hours while the detailed reports are delivered within 24 to 72 hours to our patients.

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OnPoint Lab has always emphasized the need to make the payment services as hassle free as possible for the convenience of its patients. We offer e-Billing services, allowing you to make the test payments online and gain access to your results within the minimum time period of 24 hours once the payment is received. You shall receive the bill in PDF format that can be printed for your own use.


OnPoint Lab allows the physicians to subscribe through a sign-up portal absolutely free of charge and take advantage of its testing services. They are expected to just fill in a registration form so as to become a part of the Onpoint family. Our medical representatives stay vigilant regarding any specifications put forward by a physician for the successful undertaking of tests to their satisfaction.

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