• You Will Receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) From Your Insurance
    • – An EOB is an explanation of services provided to you
    • – OnPoint Lab Bills Your Insurance Directly
    • – AN EOB IS NOT A BILL!!!
    • – An EOB just shows the cost associated with services provided
  • OnPoint Lab Does Not Employ Collection Agents or Third Party Billing Collectors
  • You Will Receive On Paper Statement Bill From OnPoint Lab
  • OnPoint Lab Has a Patient Billing Advocate Available and Has a Very Liberal Forgiveness Policy
  • If You Receive a Paper Statement From OnPoint Lab for Services OnPoint Has Several Options Available For Our Valued Customers for Reconciliation
  • In Some Instances, Your Insurance Provider May Send a Check For Our Services Directly to You, It is Your Responsibility to Immediately Endorse The Check and Send it To OnPoint Lab!

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